How to stretch and relax your body and mind?

Yoga and Stretching are beneficial methods to the health of every person. Whether you have a health issue or just need to stay fit, it is always a great strategy to start every day with some exercises.


Your Personal Trainer Vancouver, Richmond, Downtown & West Vancouver team will help you to adjust your body mechanics. While these mechanics are not in the right condition, you may not be able to take the perfect position. For every asana, you will get the values for various body parts and elements.

Breathing is the base of oxygen rich body cells

We call it as the pranayama, and it helps in breathing properly. When you are not breathing rightly, it can cause stress and tension to your body. During a pranayama session, you will learn the technique for slow breathing. Inhale through nose and then open the mouth for breathing out slowly. This will result in a soothing sound. Your yoga teacher in Vancouver will teach you a big variety of exercises for your nervous system.

Know about the anatomy of your body

Our body has joints, muscles, bone and organs. To learn yoga asanas and master them, you have to know about the way, in which our body moves and our relief valves work. You will find out the connection of your body parts.


It is the most important thing to learn ways to calm your mind. Relaxation brings new energy and vitality to your organism, creativity and fun.

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