Start spring fit and healthy with a lot of fun

The sun’s rays are shining more intense and the days are getting longer, spring is on the way to deliver a happy time. During this period of the year we are more motivated and very open minded for changes in our routine actions and behavior patterns. We are drawn out into nature and we feel like physical activity is the right thing to do. 


Personal Trainer Kitsilano, Vancouver, Richmond & West Vancouver

After 2020 was a very challenging year and many of us got too little exercise and had to deal with a lot of stress, it is now time to boost our fitness level and health. Our Personal Trainer Kitsilano, Vancouver, Richmond & West Vancouver team offers a wide variety of fitness and life balance programs and trains clients indoors and outdoors, in parks, at the ocean or in your backyard. It is all about a functional back, the improvement of the immune system and health, effective weight reduction, strengthening of the muscles and general fitness, definition of legs and butt, six pack, flexibility and relaxation.

In order to be able to design the training effectively in the first 6 weeks, it is advisable to book 2 sessions per week so that you can stabilize the new behavior pattern. After that, the probability is very high that you will continue the training independently, your diet will be at top level and the first health benefits are noticeable. Many customers also enjoy variety and want to learn new fitness exercises in order to be able to expand their repertoire of fitness programs with a lot of inspiration. The personal trainers bring all equipment such as TRX, fitness mats, dumbbells and resistance bands to the location.

If you want to book a Life Coach Vancouver in addition to the physical workout, you will be inspired by various personal coaches in our team who bring change in the areas of work, personal relationships, new life perspectives, mental strength, clarity, spiritual development and courage for your new life.

Royal Private Coach / Personal Trainer Kitsilano, Vancouver, Richmond & West Vancouver is one of the most innovative coaching companies in Canada & worldwide. We will consult you  in  person and also online. Just write us an email or give us a call and your coaching can start.