Best stategies to lose weight and be fit

If you want a healthy and slim body, you need to understand why you want it. If it’s for other people, it won’t work. You need to do this for you. Do this to be you, to be more comfortable, and to be healthy. Your reason for weight loss will have to motivate you sincerely. Our Personal Trainer Vancouver, Kitsilano & Gastown Team will guide you to your goals with the following contents:



Everyone is different, which means weight-loss and weight maintenance approaches will differ from person to person. Most people tend to say that you need to burn more calories than you take in if you want to drop the weight. This seems like good advice, but the body is more complex than this. The body adjusts when a person takes in less calories than usual, people have different food sensitivities, and there are a host of other issues with the body for the simple calorie-burn formula to work. For starters, calories from one type of food or beverage may react differently in the body than others. For instance, people are more likely to gain weight from processed foods than complex carbohydrates even if the calorie amount is the same. This means you need to eat smarter. 

Nutrition is more than a definition. It is a way of life. Understand that there are holistic ways to reduce body fat. Holistic ways to reduce body fat can include adequate water intake and grapefruit ingestion. It is recommended that people eat three meals a day with two snacks. Eat within one hour of waking up. Do not eat within three-to-four hours of bedtime. Each meal should consist of a portion size of protein, a portion size of carbohydrates and either a serving of a fruit and vegetable or two servings of vegetables. It is recommended that you eat about two servings of fruit and four servings of vegetables a day. Also, aim at eating a variety of colors in fruit and vegetables to get a variety of vitamins in your diet. It is up to you what you eat for your snacks; although, protein is recommended as it takes a while to break down in the stomach, which keeps the stomach full for a longer amount of time.


Cardio Training

Any movement is good. When first beginning physical exercise, take it slow. Understand what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. If you hardly exercise, start with walking. Don’t make it burdensome. Walk amongst scenery or on a treadmill if you’re more comfortable with that. Fully enjoy your routine. Cut up some fresh fruit to add to your water. Wear comfortable shoes that protect your feet. The point is to enjoy yourself.

Another great option for beginners is to enjoy yoga. Most people think it entails difficult to impossible poses to conquer, and they immediately feel intimidated. Like anything else, you can start off slowly. There are very basic and introductory poses that can be done easily by young and old. The importance of yoga is that you are moving your body. Muscles increase in definition while holding poses. You are stretching it, you are breathing, and you increase your stamina. Pilates is a little more intensive than yoga, so it is recommended for those who exercise more regularly. Pilates can be done anywhere. Personal training is also recommended to serve as guidance. You don’t want to overdo it. You may experience burnout this way. Personal training will ease you into doing more intensive exercises. 

If you are used to regular movement, increase the intensity. It has been shown that combination exercises as a means of cardio training are wonderful for burning calories and to increase interest in physical exercise. For instance, 20 exercises can be done for a minute each. Several calories can be burned in 20 minutes and the intensity can be considered as a full body workout for the day. Weight training will increase lean muscle. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat does, so be sure to include weight training. Never go into exercise with the attitude of “I have to.” Look at it as, “I get to,” and decide to make it fun. 



The preferred method, recommended by doctors, nutritionists and fitness gurus, is to lose weight slowly. First of all, it’s not healthy for people to experience weight loss too quickly. It shocks the body. It can make it seem like the body is going into starvation mode. The body seeks balance. This is why people will experience a slow metabolism from eating less than they should. Their body adjusts to the lesser amount of caloric intake so that all of its body fat isn’t depleted. This is how people have been able to survive in times of famine. Other issues can be caused when a person loses a drastic amount of weight in a short time. Anorexia can actually cause holes to form in the heart. Another issue, which affects appearance, is loose skin. When a person loses weight slowly, the body adjusts to the smaller body size and skin shrinks down. Skin cannot shrink down quickly enough when people lose weight too fast. The skin will continue to hang down until it can be surgically removed.



Weight loss isn’t all or nothing, there are many in-between’s. When people set out to lose weight, they usually have a weight they would like to be. This is great in deciding the overall goal, but very few people realize the miniature goals to achieve in between. They end up frustrated if they don’t get to their goal weight quickly and give up altogether. It’s important to understand the many changes that will occur from the time a person starts losing weight until they are finished. Any weight loss is an achievement. This is true for the first 100 calories burned, and it’s true for the midway mark.

Your weight loss if for you and you only. Don’t do it to get attention or avoid people looking at you negatively when you wear your bathing suit in Cabo. The truth is that if this is your intention, it will not see you to victory. Love your body. There is only one of you in this entire world. You are precious. Be the best you by having a healthy and slim body, and decide to do this only for you. 

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